Affirmative Action President Defines Failure Down

During the 1980 presidential debates, candidate Ronald Reagan famously quipped that “President Carter has given failure a bad name.” Yet President Obama has defined failure down to a new low; in fact, he has created an entirely new class of failure. Having run on a liberal Utopian platform completely devoid of substance and whose meaningless mantra can best be summarized as ‘Hope, Change, blah, blah, blah’, Obama rode into office on a cloud of high-sounding yet empty platitudes and clichés, the likes of which will probably

President Obama

President Obama

never be equaled, let alone surpassed, in the realm of political rhetoric. Perhaps never in history has any person talked so much while saying absolutely nothing. His campaign speeches, while lionized as Epiphanies by the doting, starry-eyed popular press (which completely abandoned investigative journalism and impartiality to serve as his lapdogs) were in large part mere strings of platitudes as vague as his resume and as empty as his congressional voting record (voting ‘present’ over 200 times rather than take a principled position on legislation—not what we pay our elected officials to do).

Yet despite Obama’s hollow voting record, his cleverly and legally concealed personal history and academic records, his lack of business or executive experience, his lack of proven talent for anything except lofty readings of teleprompter texts, his documented associations with admitted and proud domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and wife, as well as his unapologetic discipleship of the blatantly racist, anti-Semitic and America-hating buffoon, the irreverent Jeremiah Wright, Obama was duly elected. Why? Caught up in the ‘historic nature’ of the event, a situation he exploited by dismissing the maternal half of his heritage and portraying himself as black (since that was the most politically correct, therefore the most politically expedient, thing to do), he was ushered into office by a liberal white plurality and an almost unanimous vote from black Americans who saw him as one of their own and the first black president (although of course he is not, having had a black father and a white mother, which makes him perfectly biracial, exactly as Caucasian as he is black). So those white liberal apologists who wish to shed vicarious guilt for those perceived sins which none of us living ever committed, and those black liberals who wish to vicariously triumph in some symbolic way over those same historical sins, will have to wait a little longer for the first truly black president, which Barack Obama isn’t.

He is, however, the first Affirmative Action president: the most unqualified and inexperienced when elected, and arguably the most clueless and inept since, in American history. Just as with Affirmative Action practices in the rest of life’s institutions, hiring or electing someone because of the color of their skin, even though they are unqualified or less qualified, is both a practical and a moral mistake. The Obama presidency is perhaps the most illustrative example in our lifetime of why Affirmative Action (affirmative discrimination) is a terrible policy and practice. The catastrophic situation in which the country now stands at home and its dire, precarious situation abroad, is a grim and constant reminder that the ‘historic’ event of Obama’s election has proved an historic failure of the first magnitude. For two and a half years Obama has, like a petulant and un-presidential child, blamed his predecessor for every problem and situation. His mantra has moved from ‘Hope and Change’ to ‘It’s (still) Bush’s fault’.

President Obama is correct about one thing: he did inherit a difficult situation upon taking office—as have many other presidents in our history; that is not the problem. The problem is Obama’s complete and utter incompetence to manage those problems, his absolute cluelessness regarding jobs and job creation, business, a free market economy, a capitalist society, and his groping, stumbling, non-existent foreign policy. In any arena, foreign or domestic, by any measurable standard, it is painfully obvious to any unbiased observer here and around the world that Obama is in far over his head, and no amount of lofty rhetoric will change that fact. In a great and observable modern experiment, the consequences of an unbridled liberal government agenda are tragically apparent and it is equally apparent what a monumental failure its policies have been. Since January of 2009 when the president took office, the average price of gasoline has risen from $1.83 to nearly $4.00; oil from around $43.00 a barrel to over$100.00; the number of unemployed from over 11 million to almost 15 million (while he has added 60,000 new federal employees); black unemployment has increased more than 25%; the budget deficit has risen from just $438 billion in Bush’s last year to $1.5 Trillion currently; and the national debt of $10.6 Trillion, which was accumulated over 230 years, has increased in just two and a half years of Obamanomics to well over $14 Trillion (now exploded to 16.8 Trillion in just the single month since this post was written!); there are many more such statistics which would fill an entire volume. So, you’ve gotten your Affirmative Action president, America…happy?

The Obama presidency has been an unmitigated disaster from the beginning. It is time for those who voted for him solely because of his biraciality (and let us be frank and honest: they are legion) to stop rationalizing and excusing his dismal record and realize that entrusting the executive branch of our government to such an inexperienced and questionable candidate in the name of progressive political correctness was a tragic mistake. It is time for those who blindly supported Obama because of the ‘historic nature’ of his candidacy to realize that his presidency and the policies of the Democrat controlled House and Senate have been historic failures with catastrophic consequences; and most importantly, it is time to stop hoping, for simply misguided symbolic reasons, that the first biracial president would succeed at any price, stop pretending that he has, stop excusing why he hasn’t, and stop blaming his predecessor for his failures. It’s time to recognize that merit and ability, judgment and experience, temperament and character, are far more important considerations in choosing a president than racial, politically correct or feel-good considerations, the ‘historic nature’ of events notwithstanding. Although there were other factors, such as Republican burnout among the electorate after eight years and the growing unpopularity of two long and costly wars, President Obama was nominated and elected president in large part because of his biraciality and despite a clear and obvious inexperience and unpreparedness for that high office. He is the Milli Vanilli of politics (the duet who won a Grammy award for a record on which they did not sing, just as Obama was absurdly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing he had done). He is the first Affirmative Action Nobel laureate as well as the first Affirmative Action president. Let us hope that he is also the last, and that never again will a president be elected based in any part on race rather than qualification.

While multitudes of liberals voted for Obama because of his race, they call those who oppose Obama’s policies ‘racists’, exposing their own hyper-hypocrisy and their intellectual bankruptcy at not even knowing the definition of the word, while expressing that definition by their own actions. Liberals, exclusively and constantly, are the ones who inject race into the political discourse. No conservative I know cares one whit about race in politics, nor has any interest in the current or future president’s skin tone, as the popularity of black conservative candidate Herman Cain illustrates; what they do care about are the issues which affect their lives, and what they oppose about Obama is not his color but his policies and his ineptitude, plain and simple, just as they would equally oppose them in the most lily-white of Democrats. The plain fact is that this president is clueless economically and his foreign non-policy naiveté is not only farcical but terribly dangerous. The country can in no way afford to have him at the helm of government for another term. His defeat in the next election is imperative and of vital importance to every American, and to the very future of the country itself. Let us Hope for Change in 2012.


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Michael is, among many other things, a writer and conservative thinker residing in Atlanta.
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