An Open Letter to Congresswoman Sheila Lee, Democrat of Texas

Sheila Lee race card

Congresswoman Lee, I had the misfortune to hear and later read the petulant and whiney diatribe you delivered from the floor of the House on 15 July, wherein you stated, among other things, that “your community” (black people, as you see it) wanted to know why my community (white people, as you see it) are treating President Obama with such “disrespect” by not agreeing to raise taxes as part of any scheme to raise the U.S. debt limit beyond its current 14.3 Trillion dollars. You asked what makes “this president different,” implying none too covertly that racism, the inevitable fallback position of your kind in any political or social discourse, is the culprit.

Let me take this opportunity to educate and enlighten you, if such a thing is possible. My “community” does not disrespect President Obama because of his black half, any more than your “community” disparages him because of his white half; neither do the significant and growing number of black conservatives, and independents of all races, object to the President because of his biraciality, as you would so conveniently assert. No, congresswoman Lee, what we all object to about the president is that he is an utterly incompetent, unqualified failure, hopelessly inept, clueless and ineffectual as concerns the economy and foreign policy, and that he is arrogantly condescending and narcissistic in his manner with those who disagree with him. What we object to, congresswoman Lee, is that his policies, in collusion with Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid and the Democrat party, have moved this country from bad to infinitely worse in every measurable area, seriously endangering our institutions at home, our fragile standing abroad, and our very lives and futures. We object to raising the debt ceiling because, unlike you and others like you in Washington, we realize that at some point money becomes real, not just a fantasy of numbers on a page for you to manipulate; and we have decided that fifteen Trillion dollars of debt is enough!

And by the way, congresswoman Lee, did you accuse then-senator Obama of racism when he voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006? Did you accuse him of doing so because President Bush was white? The depth of your racial hypocrisy is appalling and obvious to all.

When we conservatives are in foxholes, congresswoman Lee, we do not care about the skin color of the man beside us helping to stave off the enemy; likewise, we are not concerned with the skin color of one who is bankrupting our treasury, squandering our future, over-regulating our businesses, and attempting to exert ever more control over our lives; it is the bankruptcy, the squandering, the regulation and the attempt to control which we vehemently object to; the race of the perpetrator is irrelevant to us. And if President Obama were not just biracial but three fourths white, fully white or even doubly white, we would still have exactly the same objections to his policies for exactly the same reasons. Namely, that his illogical and oft-discredited policies, combined with his inexperience and his stumbling, bumbling political ineptitude, has been an unmitigated disaster for the country. It is bad enough that this is the case; the fact that you and other transparently racist apologists on the Left want to excuse his culpability so that history can record his false success at any price, or at the very least divert responsibility for his failure as the first ‘black’ president, makes things infinitely worse.

Yet you and your Leftist-liberal ilk predictably and inevitably resort to the only tactic you know when reason, rationality and the effects of failed policies confront you with their inconvenient truths: playing the race card. Your race-baiting rhetoric and the motives behind it are as divisive and harmful, as transparent and empty, as your political ideology; your moral and ethical standards of discourse are as bankrupt and dangerously hollow as your intellect. Your accusations of racism, congresswoman Lee, are shameful, pathetic, tired, cliché, unconvincing, irresponsible, and as irrelevant as you are. You are a laughable parody with an inflated sense of self- importance. You are an embarrassment to your district, your state, your “community,” and to me as an American. And, for the record, you would be, even if you were white.

You are probably unaware that you are consistently and widely acknowledged as the least intelligent member of congress, thanks to the many inane utterances emanating from your various rants as well as other mangled verbal rhetoric. Did you not once ask a NASA administrator whether the Mars explorer probe would photograph the American flag which “Neil Armstrong had planted” there? Didn’t you, a member of congress from Texas, no less, have to be embarrassingly told what every fifth-grade pupil knew, that astronauts had not planted an American flag on Mars because no astronauts have been to Mars? Seemingly every time you open your mouth, you reaffirm the validity of the general view of your intelligence, which is, frankly, an acknowledged buffoonery. The fact that someone of your dangerously limited capacity could ever sit on such congressional committees and sub-committees as Homeland Security and Judiciary is, for most of us, extremely frightening.

So continue, if you wish, to whine racism as the be-all-end-all to every challenge you encounter in private as well as political life; that exposes the extent of your intellectual ability and the depth of your political skill; but here’s a clue: it no longer works. We are no longer intimidated by Leftists’ desperate race-baiting and baseless accusations. We have heard them hurled so often, under such disparate and ridiculous circumstances, that you have rendered them completely meaningless. We are not the racists, you are. We are going to fight you and your destructive, counter-productive and disastrous policies, and those of your party and the president, despite your ‘poor oppressed me’ whining and your racial intimidation. We are going to fight you and them, not because of your color, but because of your politics. And we are going to win.


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Michael is, among many other things, a writer and conservative thinker residing in Atlanta.
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7 Responses to An Open Letter to Congresswoman Sheila Lee, Democrat of Texas

  1. willford says:


  2. Terry says:

    How could anything more be said than that. Superb!!!

  3. Kathleen KJ says:

    I guarantee it is NOT racism when I say that President Obama has done the best he can when faced with the mess he was handed when he took office. The debt you are so worried about is DIRECTLY the fault of unpaid for legislation and wars during the last 12 years, the “trickle down” economics and tax breaks for the Republican corporate and banking overlords, and lack of proper economic stimulus for the last 2 years to help recover from Bush’s 2008 economic catastrophe. It IS, however, racist to create and carry posters of the President of the United States painted to look like a witch doctor!

    • Kathleen, thank you for viewing my article; from the cliche talking points in your post I feel (and hope) that you must be a relatively young person so I understand your passion. The facts clearly show however that Obama has made things infinitely worse since he got into office; unfortunately, I agree with you—THAT’S THE BEST HE CAN DO—because he is completely incompetent (see my article on the Affirmative Action President). Please research some facts and don’t rely on left-wing media propaganda. Under Obama and the Democrats, our debt has now nearly doubled from 10 to almost 17 Trillion, and this is due to Democratic spending and borrowing, not the two Bush wars, which are a drop in the bucket in cost compared to our national debt; continuing to parrot the president and blame 7 Trillion dollars of new debt since Obama took office on ‘corporate jet owners’ etc may make you feel good, but it also makes you appear terribly uninformed, and would be embarrassing to you if you’re caught in a public conversation with anyone who is aware of the facts.

      • kjintx says:

        Just because I am passionate about trying to protect and improve the lives of the American people, you should not assume that I am a youngster. You are the one that is misinformed or purposely misleading the reader, not me. I have been politically involved (and informed) since the mid-80’s. I just turned 60 years old this year and I can tell you that my political knowledge has never proved to embarrass me. I have been teaching physics and astronomy at the university and high school levels for 22 years. You can study the research on the absolute debt and budget deficits amounts per president in the charts compiled at
        At the end of the Clinton administration, there were several years of budget surpluses. But those surpluses were not enough to compensate for the previous deficit years…so the government continued to carry what’s called the national debt – there has always been SOME national debt (at least since the start of the 1900’s).
        When Bush took office, the remaining national debt was $5.73 trillion. When he left, it was $10.7 trillion. That’s a difference of $4.97 trillion, but the debt shot up dramatically during the last year of the Bush administration and the first year of the Obama administration, mostly due to the economic meltdown of 2008 and the government’s efforts to shore up the federal banking system. Although the debt (including interest on old debt from 2 unfunded wars and other Bush laws) has increased in the last 2.5 years and was 14.3 trillion in March, the deficit has actually DECREASED by almost $500 billion over that same time period under the Obama administration.
        Now back to the subject of racism, it is blatantly true that you speak from a racist point of view. I can deduce that from your chosen title for your “article” about President Obama whom you call – “the affirmative action President”. That title alone tells me that it is certainly not worth consideration!

      • I have to admit I’m sad to learn your out of your twenties. I too am well versed in both physics (classical and quantum) and astronomy, among many other disciplines. Being a physicist doesn’t qualify you for correct or even insightful political opinions, although you are of course entitled to believe whatever you wish. As usual, anyone who disagrees with you is labeled a racist; for a supposed ‘professor’ (I put this in quotes since you labeled my essay an ‘article’) you should at least learn what that word means; and, FYI, we are no longer running scared from such inane and baseless accusations, which only demonstrates your intellectual bankruptcy, and full agenda. For more info on other similar idiotic liberal rhetoric, see my letter to Sheila Lee. And by the way, Clinton did not leave us with a surplus; it was a projected surplus, not real then or now, which never materialized. Thanks for reading.

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