Wake Up America!

U.S. Constitution

President Obama and the Democrats believe that every penny of the struggling middle class, all the wealth earned by the hardworking, risk taking entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and all the profits of the job-providing corporations, belongs to them, the Federal Government—and that we should all be thankful for whatever amount of our incomes they decide to let us keep. President Obama has said that in these difficult times everyone must sacrifice. His and the Democrats’ idea of sacrifice is to confiscate even more money from the people to feed the government monster which politicians have created. I say the American people have sacrificed enough.

Wake up, America! Wake up, stand up and refuse to sacrifice further; its time you take control of the Federal government and make it sacrifice for a change; it’s time you stick a long sharp spear of responsibility and accountability into the pale fat underbelly of Big Government Oppression and bleed dry the bloated, corrupt, tyrannical and insatiably hungry monster it has become; bleed it dry of its waste, its fraud and its ability to steal and squander our wealth—wealth which rightly belongs to those who create and earn it.

Your pockets have been picked, the fruit of your labor has been confiscated, your patience has been tried and your goodwill has been abused for far too long. It’s time you take a stand and refuse to sacrifice further to feed the Big Government monster. It’s time you starved it down from a bullying, thieving and oppressive slavemaster into the lean, fit, tame and obedient public servant that our government was founded to be. It’s time for the Big Government Monster to learn that We the People are the masters, and it is the servant.

It’s time to explain to the oligarchy of  politicians in Washington—all of them, of both parties—that they are not an aristocracy existing to lord over us or to make wealth-building, decades-long careers out of what was meant by our Founders to be limited terms of dedicated public service. It’s time to explain to them that their proper, legal constitutional role is narrow, limited and finite; that they don’t exist to mandate, regulate and control every aspect of our lives, and that we will no longer allow them to do so; nor will we allow them to continue robbing us blind to finance their corrupt and wasteful institutions, their pet projects at home and abroad, and the bottomless pit of debt they created by their self-serving and irresponsible decisions. It’s time to explain to them that they were elected to serve the people, not coronated to rule them. It’s time to leash and muzzle the reckless, feckless purveyors of our oppressive Government bureaucracy and bring them and it to heel. Wake up America! Stop bending over and taking it; stand up and demand that our elected public servants act constitutionally and in our best interest, and in the best interest of the country, shed the fat, end the abuse, fraud, corruption and cronyism, or else We the People will storm Washington and remove them.


About Michael Hutcheson

Michael is, among many other things, a writer and conservative thinker residing in Atlanta.
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