Defining My Conservatism

Michael Hutcheson

I identify myself politically as a (independent) conservative. While there are certainly extremists and radicals in every political affiliation they are, without exception, in the minority. However, the mainstream media, politically ‘correct’ bloggers, certain minority groups and the liberal left in general have been largely successful  in defining and portraying (for various self-serving and chiefly political reasons) all conservatives as right-wing religious fanatics, hate-filled homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists, racists and warmongers. Unfortunately, this view seems to be widely believed, at least generally, among non-conservatives. Therefore, and since I fall into none of those categories listed, I wish to clarify and express what conservatism means to me so that those who wish to discuss it or other related issues with me can do so in an informed, intelligent manner.

The conservatism I embrace, and which is embraced by most conservatives I know, can be defined by a very limited but crucial set of principles. First and foremost among these is the principle of a limited federal government operating strictly under the authority and strictly within the confines enumerated to it by the States under the United States constitution, and as set forth clearly by the Founding Fathers, thereby ‘conserving’ the original intent and purpose of that precious document. U.S. citizens, while on American soil, are subject to no other laws, including the religious laws of any religion, or the laws of any other nation or group of nations.

Secondly, that all legal United States citizens should be treated and protected equally under the laws of the constitution. By extrapolation this means conversely that no citizen or group should be given special or different rights or preferential treatment under the laws; no one should be either discriminated against or discriminated for. Equality under the law is to mean equality of opportunity and standards, not equality of outcome. No one should be given special privileges, advantages or set-asides for being white, black, Hispanic, female, homosexual, Christian, Muslim, etc. True conservatives do not categorize and separate people this way; we see and treat all citizens simply as Americans, equal under the laws of the constitution. This also means that Congress should enact no laws from which its members exempt themselves; for ‘they’ are no better than ‘us’.

Thirdly, that the United States is a sovereign nation and as such our government has a legal and moral obligation to protect our borders from the invasion of illegal immigration from other nations; we have the perfect right and the legal and moral authority to select and choose who we allow to enter into this country and to whom we grant the privilege of citizenship. Immigration should be limited and for the most part we should allow only the best and brightest applicants to attain citizenship, not simply open the floodgates for the uneducated, unskilled, and poverty-stricken of all nations, which Balkanizes our nation and will inevitably transform us into a third world country; we should rather seek to add to the strength and stability of our nation by admitting only those who have something to offer and who wish to integrate fully and become Americans by adhering to the legal processes and requirements which we set forth. This includes conserving our cultural and political heritage, and English as our official language. Illegal aliens, including the 33% of felons in U.S. federal prisons, should be repatriated to their countries of citizenship; illegal aliens and other non-citizens (including terror suspects) do not have citizens’ rights under the U.S. constitution, and should not be given social benefits.

Next, that the rights guaranteed under the constitution, including the rights to property, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, should not be infringed by other citizens or by the government; that citizens have the right to keep and enjoy the fruits of their labors and the wealth they attain; that confiscation and redistribution of wealth is wrong; that no one has a legal or moral right to any portion of another’s life or property which he does not wish to freely give; that compassion and charity at the point of the (government’s) gun is still theft; that taxation should be limited and equal across the board, not progressive to punish and discourage ambition and achievement; that taxes should be used only for constitutionally justifiable purposes; that individual liberty and individual responsibility go hand in hand; that government plunder, waste, abuse and fraud must be stopped; that everyone, including government officials, should be held fully accountable for their actions.

Next, that the armed forces of the United Stated should be used discriminately but uncompromisingly to protect the vital interests of the United States and its citizens both domestically and abroad; and that the term ‘vital interests’ should be clearly, narrowly and ‘conservatively’ defined (in other words, very limited in scope).

Next, that the press should not attempt to advance any agenda; should report news accurately and without bias; and hold all public officials to the same standards and scrutiny, regardless of party affiliation.

Finally, that the powers delegated to the Federal government by the States under the constitution may be withdrawn at any such time as the People determine that their rights have been violated or those powers have been abused by the federal government for their oppression; that the States were, and remain, sovereign.

These seven simple principles encapsulate my political philosophy of conservatism.


About Michael Hutcheson

Michael is, among many other things, a writer and conservative thinker residing in Atlanta.
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  1. Dave Francis says:

    Hasn’t the federal government got anything better to do, than restrain Alabama, Georgia, Arizona and other states likely to follow their lead; when it comes to States enacting restrictive laws, stealing taxpayers money for the illegal immigration invasion? Arizona opened everybody eyes when they didn’t hesitate in demurring against the czarists in President Obama’s throne room. Eric Holder one of the administration surrogates believes Americans should supplement the illegal foreigners, even through such public service like education, health care and many more programs are mostly unfunded mandates forced upon States by Liberal oriented courts. Denmark in the European Union stated in the German Newspaper Der-SPIEGEL online, that by implementing tough immigration laws, they have saved their countryman 6.7 billion euros ($10 billion dollars) in a decade. It should remember that Denmark is a small country and has not the issue that the United States have with illegal aliens, unlike the British Islands that is suffocating under this uncontrolled problem.

    Currently the Democratic Party is trying to consign the blame on the TEA PARTY, relating to the past U.S. insolvency battle. But when is it going to become evident that this political splinter group of millions is a very large majority of the American people. It’s so easy to bring fault to this splinter group of the physical Conservatives, when the far left wing is solidly backed by the rural and National Liberal press who croak about anybody who doesn’t fit their negative agenda. For instance Michele Bachmann (R-MN), high on the list of potential presidential contenders stayed away from the whole US treasury mess. Rep. Michele Bachmann, the TEA PARTY Caucus leader, is dissimilar to the Democrats and the hidden distress of the Liberals or Republicans. The Democrats are doing everything possible to crush THE TEA PARTY growing phenomena, but they have left it too late–it’s here to stay and the voices of the people will be heard over the the corporate war industry, big business, unions, the church and the open border corruption.

    Rep. Bachmann will not tolerate the loose immigration enforcement we have currently. The lady will build the border fence according to its original design and enact harsh sanctions for businesses that disparagement E-Verify and still hire discount labor. No longer under the TEA PARTY will their be any hesitation, in enforcing the E-Verify or Secure Communities that Homeland Security has notified they are rescinding. The TEA PARTY has become a massive grassroots movement of tens of millions of like-minded Americans from all racial and religious backgrounds and political parties. The TEA PARTY members share the nucleus principles of restricted government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, fair free markets and above all returning power to the States and the people. The TEA PARTY is about reforming all political parties and government, so the key principles of our Constitution, once again the foundation of which this nation stands.

    When you think of immigration–legal or illegal cannot get any worse, that another issue has surfaced and illuminates the nonchalant obligations of the left side of the aisle. President Obama and his confederates behind the closed doors in Congress have been prolifically running up the tab, when we owe foreign investors $14.5 Trillion dollars. This video will explain this matter at describing that foreign nationals are being accommodated in luxury complexes in Tacoma, Washington, 1300 units using taxpayer’s money. It’s not enough that this North Western State is issuing drivers license to illegal aliens, but they are keeping foreigners warm and dry, with homes that should have gone to homeless Americans. This $225 million Housing project for Illegal’s aliens, whom are living on social security and living off the taxpayers, but have never, paid anything into the fund. It’s no wonder that Social Security will be having serious problems in our future years.

    Is there any rational reason why it’s not a–FELONY–for entering the United States, without the permission of THE PEOPLES GOVERNMENT? Just making it a Felony for illegally crossing the border or even being on this sovereign land, would deter the daily flow of illegal aliens? Amend the law and we wont be paying out billions a year for every man, women and child from anywhere. Also demand from your Senators and representatives that we need a tracking system as in Mexico? People don’t just illegally stay from border crossings, as over 40 percent arrive here legally then disappear.

    It’s so incredulous that we have around 14 million Americans searching for jobs, or given up even trying and here we have the Democrats, probably strongly influenced by the left wing. Benevolent handouts to people who entered America illegally. How many US Citizens and legalized residents are homeless, veterans and seniors, nevertheless we are placing a roof over these people heads? If that doesn’t get you mad, the fact that they don’t even have to mow a lawn, pay for garbage removal, since your taxes is paying for these services.

    According to Edwin Rubenstein authored this disturbing report, you can examine at, and many more exasperating concerns he addressed about the illegal aliens. Another episode that continues without penalty is the IRS dilemma of fraud on a grand scale is child tax credits by illegal aliens. This is just another part of the failure adding to the feds paying out $113 Billion dollars to support illegal aliens a year. Rubenstein black hit list can be accessed at, with many articles on illegal immigration and the costs that come out of your payroll check. Thousands of Americans are living in poverty, unemployed and living on food stamps, but our money is used to house, school and offer free health care to these people who broke our laws?

    Join your local TEA PARTY and add your voice in opposition to the corruption in Washington. The Tea Party leaders are mobilized not to accept any more amnesties, under any assumed name as Immigration Reform. This will explode our population as millions more will come through sponsorship of the CHAIN MIGRATION policies of previous administrations. The DREAM ACT is another “Stacking the Deck” amnesty that exacts the same level of CHAIN MIGRATION in future years. It’s been twenty five years since the grand amnesty of 1986, which has not only encouraged illegal immigration, but poured millions of illegal newcomers into every community in our country.

    These outlaws have sucked State, county and communities dry of public welfare, dearly needed for the unemployed. With an estimated 300.000 babies smuggled through Americas sporadic border fence, or through airport terminals the costs are staggering. In just the State of Alabama FAIR’s assessment is $298 Million dollars annually spent to support illegal aliens. This is just the outlay in one state and not the US Government expenditures and other States estimated $113 Billion dollars a year. Learn more at Some Northern States get off easy, but Border States are hit hard and that picks out the Sanctuary State of California, run by mostly Liberal Legislators, adding an almost astonishing amount of a 26 Billion dollar deficit. But all States together run up a tab of $83 Billion dollars, which shows serious rot of the lawmakers who run this country.

    Most Americans see no wrong in the immigration of legal immigrants, specifically more so that possess highly skilled credentials. Top level scientists, engineers that will contribute to our economy. What should be inhibited through every means possible is the destitute, the welfare predators and the criminals that we have an abundance, from every corner of the world. Not only should this be highly skilled people, but encouragement should be given to foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen and women, who are venerated by their peers.

    This is a patriotic chance to help your fellow jobless countryman by Calling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

    Illegal Immigration News from the American Patrol web site, where the real news is collected and not the propaganda?

    Rasmussen Reports
    New Low: 17% say U.S. government has consent of the governed
    Fewer voters than ever feel the federal government has the consent of the governed. — A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 17% of Likely U.S. Voters think the federal government today has the consent of the governed. Sixty-nine percent (69%) believe the government does not have that consent. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided…

    Bloomberg News
    Just 58% of work-age Americans have jobs, lowest since July 1983
    American employers added more jobs than forecast in July and wages climbed. — Payrolls rose by 117,000 workers after a 46,000 increase in June that was larger than earlier estimated, the Labor Department said Friday. The median estimate in a Bloomberg News survey called for a gain of 85,000.

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